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Organizational pride

Find stuff instantly

"Thingybase, where are the ice skates?"

Next time you're looking for something, don't bother getting up to dig around, just bust out your phone, punch in a few keywords, and we'll tell you where it is. You can even add family members to your account so they can search too and help keep things organized.

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Magic labels

Magic labels

Look inside boxes without opening them

See what’s in a box without opening it—just scan it with your phone and see what’s inside.

If you cook a lot of food ahead of time and store it in a deep freezer, slap a magic label on it with an expiration date and you’ll be notified before it expires.

Take it easy on the Earth

Use less stuff. Waste less stuff.

Track food in your freezer with expiration dates and get an email reminder before it goes bad. Never purchase something twice that you already own because you couldn't remember if you already had it while you were shopping at the store. The more you know about your stuff, the less wasteful you'll be.

Save earth


How the universe will be dented

Hey there—

Let’s face it, people have lots of stuff. We've come up with countless ways to deal with it all: The KonMari Method™, minimalism, getting rid of stuff … the list goes on, but it’s always about having less stuff and sometimes makes us feel bad about the things we already have.

What if the opposite approach was taken, “how can I better manage all my stuff?”. That's what Thingybase does. It gives you the same superpowers that huge companies have enjoyed for decades to track their vast inventories of stuff, but in a delightful way that's streamlined for use by the entire family at home.

The best part isn't how good you'll feel after getting things organized; its how you'll use things way more efficiently. If you add expiration dates to food labels, you'll get an email reminding you its about to expire, which cuts down on waste. When you loan items to your friends, its less stuff that had to be made in a factory and trucked around.

As long as Thingybase is around, there will always be a way to get a better handle on our stuff, be less wasteful, and worry less about our things.



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Easily search in places that are hard to reach

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