Storage shelving

The days of forgetting what's in storage are over

You probably have a bunch of shelves and crates that you keep in a garage, storage closet, or basement. Infrequently used items are usually stored there, like holiday decorations or spare electronics, but when you need to find them or see what's in storage, its a lot of digging around. Thingybase can make managing them much easier, and make it possible for your whole family to search through all of it all from their phones or computers.

What you need

You'll need the following to get started:

How to do it

If you haven't already, setup a bunch of shelves and crates in the room where you store all of your infrequently used stuff.

Create shelves in Thingybase

First, find or create the room in your Thingybase account items where your shelves are located. Click + Add item, enter the name "Shelf 1", and check the Allow items to be contained within this item check-box. Next click Create item, which saves it to your account. If you want, click More..., Change icon and select a shelf icon so it stands out a bit more.

If you have more shelves, go ahead and add them to the room.

Label the shelves

Find the shelf you created, click More... then Print label. Print the label using your thermal label printer and then put the label on the shelf. If you or people on your Thingybase account want to see what's on the shelf in the future, just scan it with the phone and it will take you there.

Organize all the crates

Before labeling the crates, its a good idea to get them a bit organized. Maybe three crates have holiday decorations, another two have electronic, and two crates have camping gear. Whatever it is, its still a good idea to organize the items with some sort of theme or categorization in mind.

Put the crates on the shelves

Once you've got your crates organized, its time to put them on the shelves physically and in Thingybase. Put the crate on the shelf, then either find the corresponding shelf in Thingybase or scan the label on the shelf you printed. When you're on the shelf's page, click + Add item, then name your crate and check the Allow items to be contained within this item check-box. If you'd like, you can also start adding items into the crate on Thingybase that will help you find it later.

Label the crates

Once you've got the crates on the shelves and in Thingybase and you're happy with all the items you've listed in the crate, its time to print a label. From the crate page, click More... and Print label. Print the label to the thermal ink printer and apply it to the crate. Repeat for all the creates that you've put on the shelf.

That's it! Now when its time to look for whatever you have in storage, you can open Thingybase, enter a few keywords, and it will tell you which crate and shelf the item is located.

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