Quickly make labels to put on your stuff

Thingybase labels were designed to work with printers that use continuous length thermal ink paper. Why? Because they never run out of ink and can easily create labels of different sizes from the same roll of paper. Its much easier than trying to print sheets of labels from an ink-jet or laser printer.

Recommended printer features

There's a lot of label printers out there; we recommend any with the following features:

  • Continuous length thermal ink paper with adhesive backing - Make sure you can pop a roll of this paper into the printer.
  • Paper cutter - Automatically cuts the label to the right size so you don't have to.
  • Networking support - Ideally with AirPrint so you can print from any Apple device or Google Cloud Print if you're into Android.

Additionally, a label printer with wireless or networked printing capabilities is recommended so that labels can easily be printed from mobile devices.

Label printers with these capabilities are available for purchase from retailers between $100-$200.

Printers tested with Thingybase

The following printers were tested to ensure they work with Thingybase:

Other printers might work, but might require more effort or support to print labels.

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