Logging in

How accounts are protected

Thingbase protects your account with your email address. When you login in or create an account, we send a login code to your email address that you enter within a few minutes to access your account. There's no password to forget or reset. Once you're signed in, we'll keep you signed in for up to 30 days after you last access Thingybase or when you choose to logout.

Why not use passwords?

Passwords are a pain. People forget them, they're not strong enough, websites have weird rules that allow $, but won't allow -... the list goes on. To make everybody's lives easier and more secure, Thingybase replaces passwords with the email login code. It might feel a little different at first, but you'll get use to it pretty quickly.

Are the codes secure?

They are 6 digits that only last for a few minutes and you only get to try entering it a few times before it resets. When the code is reset, you have to email a new code to your address. So yeah, its about as secure as your email. If an imposter were trying to use your email address to login to your Thingybase account, you'd know pretty quickly because you'd start getting login codes.

What do you do with the email address?

Your email address is never stored on our servers when we send the login code, which means we couldn't spam you even if we wanted to. Only later on during the signup process we'll ask if you'd like to get emails from us.

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