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Securely share your account with other people

Thingybase becomes even better when you add other people to it who can help you keep things organized and search for stuff.

Share the Invitation link

First be sure to login to your account, then launch the "People" screen. Once you're there you will see an "Invitation link", which is the link that you'll share with people over text or email so they can join your account. Copy the link and send it to whoever you want to add to your account.

Don't worry about this link getting out; if somebody gets it they still have to ask for your permission before they can share you're account. The worst that can happen if this link gets out is you get a bunch of requests from people to join your account, but they won't be able to join and see anything on your account.

Ask the other person to sign up

When you share the link with the person you want to add to your account, they will have to signup for a Thingybase account. After they do that they'll see a screen that prompts them to request to join your account. If they make the request, you'll get an email from them asking for your approval to add them to your account.

Approve the person to join your account

To keep your data private, we always ask you first to approve of people who want to join your account. You'll get an email that takes you to a screen where you can approve or deny the person being added to your account.

If you accept, they will get an email telling them everything is ready to go.

Show the person around your account

At this point you're all set, but you might want to spend some time with the people who joined your account and show them how you organized everything.

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